January 31, 2016 | 2pm
Robinsdale Lane, Austin, Texas 78723
$30 (But, see details)
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The Early Stages play Azul House’s Pachamanca Pop-Up!

The Early Stages play on and off throughout the afternoon, starting at 2pm.

From the Azul House …

“We are celebrating Peru’s first EVER National Pachamanca Day! A time for everyone to gather around for a cornucopia of potatoes, corn ears, humitas, and giant slabs of well-marinated meat — stacked carefully in layers, and sealed under hot rocks for hours.

5% of Proceeds will be going to Texans for Stem Cell Research in support of “Cancer’s New Champions,” for help fund clinical trials for a cure for Childhood Brain Cancer.

There will be live music and free beer with a $30 donation or more!”


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